Trade TEDA 2018 Edition - Tianjin Tian De Li Chemical Trade Co., Ltd
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          Trade TEDA 2018 Edition - Tianjin Tian De Li Chemical Trade Co., Ltd

  The "trade" by TEDA Tianjin economic and Technological Development Zone Trade Promotion Center initiated the compilation, included local Tianjin thousands of enterprises, involving all walks of life, has been published since 2007, has become a large enterprise in Binhai products included list of books of authority, information through multi-party review and screening of high concentration, high reliability, readers welcome, has also become a practical tool for enterprises and institutions.
  Our company was founded in 2007, is located in Bohai economic circle core - Tianjin FTA; we are a focus of leather chemical and Mineral chemical products import and export trade company, the factory is located in the northwest of Xinjiang, the beautiful at the foot of the Tianshan Mountains, our company has an annual output of 21 thousand tons of sodium sulfide, sodium hydrosulfide and 18 thousand tons of production ability, products of the indicators are better than the national standard, the factory passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification.
  In recent years, the company's business is more diversified, consisting of exports and domestic sales, agents, import business, in addition to supply products in Xinjiang and outside the domestic market, exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Central Asia, Africa, South America, India and Bangladesh and other countries and regions, our main products are: sodium sulfide.
We through every employee unremitting efforts and the domestic and foreign customers trust and support, business development and cooperation in the process of practice, tiandeli established a good reputation, meticulous service and professional knowledge; to actively explore the international market the company's products at the same time, the day has become a number of chemical enrichment export agents, several well-known domestic chemical enterprises, also with tiandeli established long-term stable cooperative relations. The Taida Trade Center interviewed our company and published our company in TIDA trade.
  Our company will continue to uphold the principle of "to explore the international market as leading, to optimize the product structure, technology research and development as the guide, the standard management as the guarantee" business principles, the extension of the market, grasp the management, is facing the global purchase, sales, has become a comprehensive value-added capability and competitiveness. Global traders steady progress, and continue to "work hard to let you satisfied with the service concept, to become your most trusted partner.